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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stoner Surf Camp

by Katie

We had our first experience where the map was wrong! Two days ago we left Mazatlan (which is amazing, by the way) and headed south to San Blas. We thought it would be fun to get off the freeway and take the scenic route. The road was beautiful, we rode through a forest of palm trees within site of the blue blue Sea of Cortez. After riding along the ocean we ended up in a little fishing village that could have been in any equitorial country I have traveled to. Small thatch roof huts, children and dogs running around in the dirt roads, women relaxing in hammocks. We were enjoying it all so much--until the road just ended. Yep, that's right. The map said the road kept going, but in real life it came to the river and just ended. We think the local fishermen were telling us that the village we were trying to get to was "just on the other side of the river." But we had no idea how to get there. We had no choice but to back track. Which was great because we ended up in this miniscule town called Playa Novilleros with deserted beaches, calm water. So it goes when you are traveling.

Mark on the road to nowhere.

Today, we are in San Blas, along with all 6 people that we know currently in the country of Mexico. Heather and Tom, from London and the U.S. are driving their Toyota down through Mex and Central America, and Stefan, Joe, Evan, and Yosh, all riding their motos down south also. Mark took a surf lesson this morning from a former longboard champion, and I think he might be hooked. This works out well for me because it means more vacations to beach destinations instead of just the mountains. We are staying at a place called Stoner Surf Camp with the very cliche cabanas on the beach. We wake up in the morning, put our swim suits on, eat some breakfast, and hang out on the beach. This is what a honeymoon should be like! Our next stop is Puerto Vallarta, so until then...

The municipal market in Mazatlan.

Okay, friends, I tried to upload more photos but the interwebs are being very slow, and Mark has to get back to the beach for his evening surf sesh. More next time.


  1. Man I think you should stay longer. It mushy gloomy icky weather here but we sure miss your smiling faces around here.