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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

by Katie

Today being Thanksgiving (although I did just recall that fact about 30 minutes ago) I thought it appropriate to write about all the things for which I am grateful. It's a top 10 list. I know, I know, a list. It's just my style. Don't worry, there will be pictures too. So to celebrate Thanksgiving 2010, here they are, the top 10 things I am grateful for:

10. The people we have met. Of course lots of locals. But also lots of crazy travelers like ourselves who have decided to take a chance on Mexico. Australians, Canadians, Japanese, British, young, old, retired, hippies, surfers, motocyclists. It's a rag-tag sort of bunch.

Beachside beers in Melaque with Evan.

9. The Grand Mayan. Yep, probably the fanciest resort I have ever and will ever stay at. This was all thanks to my in-laws Cal and Linda who gave us a week at their timeshare in Acapulco. We spent seven days doing nothing but lying on the beach, drinking smoothies and margaritas. Our biggest decision was whether to swim in the ocean or the pool.

The Grand Mayan.

8. Getting to see baby sea turtles. (See previous blog entry).

7. Stray dogs. The street dogs here are nothing like the street dogs in India. And by that I mean, the dogs here are friendly and not starving. I love getting my dog fix without thinking that I may come away with rabies. Although fleas are a real possibility.

6. The ocean. And beaches. And sunsets on the beach. We have spent a month so far on the west coast of Mexico. It always takes me a bit to get my bearings back around the ocean, but then I remember how much I love it. I mean, I'm a mountain girl at heart, but I sure do love the beach.

Playing in the waves with Lacy and Kaeli.

5. Paying someone to do your laundry. I think I washed one pair of underwear in a sink so far. Mostly, I just drop our clothes off one day, and pick them up the next, clean, dry, and folded. All for around $3.

4. No schedules. No alarm clocks. Well, I take that back. Tomorrow we are setting the alarm for 6:45 so we can go out on a boat with some friends to see turtles, dolphins, and whales, and maybe do a little fishing. How am I ever going to re-adjust to the school schedule?

3. The weather. While it is true that I will miss winter weather (and it sounds like it may be a good one this year!) It's pretty hard to complain about 85 degrees and sunny, consistently...for a solid month now. No rain. It's quite beautiful really.

Blues skies by the ocean. What more could you ask for?

2. Getting paid for used oil. Mark changed the oil in our motorcycles while we were in Acapulco. Typically in Salt Lake, it is a minor hassle to get rid of used oil. You have to find an autoparts store that is willing to take it off your hands. They may even charge you for this service. Here in Mexico, we sold our used oil. That's right, someone actually gave us money for our 5 quarts of dirty oil. What a country.

1. My husband. He has worked so hard to make this trip happen, and he continues to work hard to make it enjoyable. He spent two of our days in Acapulco doing maintenance on our bikes, changing oil and filters, checking tires. He goes out of his way to find me a cold drink when I'm hot and cranky after riding all day. He let's me sit in the shade while he walks around new towns looking for a place to stay. He laughs and encourages me to spend money on things like dresses, earrings, and headbands so I can still feel girly even though we are on a motorcycle trip, and then he offers to carry them when I run out of space. Thank you, Mark. I would not be on this trip without you.

Mi amor.

And as a sidenote, for those of you who are wondering, we are currently in Puerto Escondido. A surf mecca. Which is what Mark is out doing now on this lovely Thanksgiving day. Tomorrow we head to Oaxaca City. Love to you all. Enjoy your holiday!


  1. thanksgivings actually tomorrow silly

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, newly weds (for 1+ yrs now)! Miss you & love you. Thanks for the Skype time! xoxo

  3. happy thanksgiving we are all thankful that you are having fun and staying safe. love fa

  4. Whoops! You'll have to forgive my know it's hard to keep track of the days when you're on vacation. Somebody said today was Thursday and I believed them. I'm just a day early. He he.

  5. so great to spend a little cash (cuz i know it ain't expensive down there) on earrings and dresses. live it up!