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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Couldn't have done it without you (Part 1)

By Mark

In any trip, there are lots of people to thank. The first installment of "Couldn't have done it without you" is here:

Katie and I have long desired to be able to talk to each other while riding. For our upcoming trip (especially Phase 2, Central America), I believe being able to communicate will increase our safety (slow down, Monkeys in road!). So there were some setbacks: First, our chosen brand of intercom device (Autcom) has changed U.S. distributors, so the items we need have been tough to get. Secondly, we had some of the Autcom bits (we DID have) stolen out of the garage. Beleagured, I called Matt down at BMW Motorcycles of Utah enough times that he simply hooked me up with the new U.S. distributor, who happens to live here in Salt Lake City! Enter Troy--he patiently listened to our sob story (we're leaving in 8 days!!!), and went far above the normal call of duty-- he came to my garage, brought the equipment we needed, and stuck around long enough to make sure it all worked just the way we needed it to. A rider himself, he had some great installation and operation tips, and of course, showed up just in time.

You may notice Troy's shirt color changes between these two photos-- that's because he actually came over TWICE-- on successive days. This also proves that, unlike me, he changes his clothes on a daily basis.


  1. It's always good to show your appreciation!
    Good news that you arrived at your 1st destination, Moab without any hitches! Keep it up & have a fabulous time. Can't wait for an update here.

  2. OK - now you're in Telluride! Hope it's wonderful! Sending love. Mama