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Sunday, May 16, 2010


By Katie

So here we are, one month from departure. Things are happening a lot more quickly now. We are madly packing things up in the house as new roommates move in to take our places. The last little bits of motorcycle maintenance are being completed (no thanks to me), we are solidifying plans for summer visits and getting ready to say our goodbyes to Salt Lake. We are excited and a little bit sad. For the next nine months it will just be the two of us--something which we have yet to experience in our marriage! And we are so excited to see all of you this summer. For those of you that got our letter (and those that didn't!) please let us know if the rough dates we gave will work for you. It's really important to us that we make it a point to see as many people as possible on our little western U.S. tour. Our dates are fairly flexible too.

The weather this spring has been a little bit worrisome when we think about the fact that we will be returning--on motorcycles--at about this time next year. We are hoping for a more typical Salt Lake spring. This photo was from May 1, we received almost three inches of snow in town!

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